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24 June
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Hey...um, I'm a freshman at college...homework is stupid...sleep is a good thing...coffee is a very good thing...i like to paint, draw, and otherwise describe myself in an artistic manner...

I'm a Christian, and willing to discuss it, but please don't come with the attitude of "here's some kind of fundamentalist", or "i wonder how much crud I can through at her before she cusses me out" that isn't very fun, and you wouldn't want someone to do that to you.

I love my college, and have a lot of fun there (yes, that is possible in Shawnee). I have a bird at home that I love, I have two perfectionistic parents that I love too, but sometimes feel oppressed by, and I have a sister who I commiserate with about the afor mentioned parents. (I'm thinking journalism, my sis is thinking theater, and our parents are thinking SCIENCE, SCIENCE, SCIENCE!!!!)

all in all, I'm a pretty happy person, although I can get into moods...

God Bless